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For businesses that produce trade waste in Brisbane, it’s important to understand proper collection and disposal of it. At Riverside Environmental Services, we have 10 years of experience in collecting and disposing of liquid waste in South East Queensland. We understand how the process works and can provide a clean, efficient, and cost-effective solution for your trade waste.

What is Trade Waste?

Liquid waste that comes from any business that is approved for sewer disposal that is not domestic sewage is known as trade waste. The food and beverage industry produces trade waste, although it is of a lower impact than the trade waste generated in industries such as motor trades, chemical manufacturers, and metal processing. Trade wastes are controlled by the Sewerage and Water Supply Act and by the guidelines set forth by local governments.

What are the Requirements for Disposing of Trade Waste in Brisbane?

Before contacting Riverside Environmental Services for removal of trade waste, a business owner must apply for a Trade Waste Approval. The application is sent to the Trade Waste Officer at Brisbane Water for review. The Approval will outline the conditions for discharge of the waste and, once received, a business can then contact us to have the liquid waste removed.

We Provide Wastewater Treatment in Brisbane as a Solution

At Riverside Environmental Services, your trade waste and other liquid waste can be sent to wastewater treatment plants with the proper approval. We believe in being environmentally responsible, and treating wastewater is one way of doing so. After collection of your liquid waste, we supply it to a wastewater treatment plant in Brisbane, where contaminants are removed from the water. The contaminants form a sludge that will be disposed of properly, and the treated water can then be reused.

Why You Should Choose Riverside Environmental Services

Our family owned business has been operating for 10 years in the Brisbane area providing liquid waste collection and disposal solutions. What is unique about our service is that we provide an affordable fixed cost service to our customers. There are no long-term contracts—just one price that also includes waste disposal. This helps our customers avoid any excessive disposal fees.

We have built a solid reputation in South East Queensland with our high standards and quality workmanship. We are fully licenced as required by the Environmental Protection Act and carry out all of our work according to the EPA and Council requirements. Our company stays at the forefront of technology and equipment using only the best materials and the latest techniques with all of our waste management services.

Not only do we cater to businesses and their trade water collection and disposal needs, but Riverside Environmental Services also provides services to domestic clients. Rural Brisbane area homeowners can rely on us to deliver fast and affordable septic tank pumping and cleaning as well as rainwater tank cleaning. We work with numerous restaurant owners to provide fast, regular grease trap cleaning. For all of your liquid waste disposal needs, Riverside Environmental Services works hard so you do not. Call us today on 0419 684 463 or click the “Get A Quote” button on our website for more information.

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